My band! Five guys from Oxford, so actually not that far away from where I did my social service... The five are:

Phil Selway (Drums)
Thom Yorke (Gesang, Gitarre)
Jonny Greenwood (Gitarre, alles)
Colin Greenwood (Bass)
Ed O'Brien (Gitarre, Background Gesang)

They're not that well known in Germany. Most of the time it goes like this:
q: What music do you listen to?
a: Radiohead!
q: Pardon? What the hell is that? What kind of music do they play?
At this point I always have a problem. What shall I say. Usually I reply: Radiohead is Radiohead. Go and listen to them yourself then you'll know!
But I agree, it's not everybody's taste. You need to let yourself in for them! Rowan used to go on about them so many times that I finally got myself to borrow a CD from her. That was 'OK Computer'. I did play it a few times and thought: 'OK, but what's so special about them now?'. But because Rowan really loved them so much I thought there must be something about them. And suddenly, one night, I lay in my bed, rather tired and a little bit depressed, maybe, with OK Computer in the background. And there it was! Like a flash! Click!
From now on I was really a big fan of them! A few years ago I would have never even dreamed that I'd travel all the way to Berlin and back just to see Radiohead. Just like that! In the middle of the semester! Meanwhile I have seen them live for four times, and that is:
It's been an experience every time! Someone has said one day:
"Name a favourite Radiohead song? That's like choosing which member of your family should be shot!"
Er, well... ;-)

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