What's this all about?

Milan users don't have an easy life. We all know the successful story of this 'wonder computer'. But you got some real trouble if you tried to get rid of that annoying 'SCSI and sound problem' or use a TV card because it is needed to reprogram a chip in the Milan. For this purpose you need a special programming cable. And that is the crux:
To get hold of that cable is very difficult up to impossible. And that's exactly the reason why this page was created. Now there's a list of people who have that cable and who would lend it to other Milan users.


To make it as easy as possible for everyone there are some rules which have to be obeyed in any case! If someone can't agree with these rules (s)he may try it on normal ways to get this cable. We really do wish you luck doing so! The people lending the cable to others are all private person and only offer this service to save others lots of trouble. But that they don't get in trouble themselves again - otherwise nothing would have been won - there are these rules: I think those are pretty fair rules. If everyone sticks to them both sides should be happy, the one because it received some help, the other one because it was able to help. But should I find that this service doesn't work properly I'll have to consider whether it still makes sense to keep uo this service!


For a successful update you need the following things:

Here comes a detailed step-by-step guide for a successful update of your hadware. If you encounter problems please carefully read the instructions and README files again before you send a Help! mail. It is really much simpler as it might look.
  1. Unpack the archive milanup.zip on the PC.
  2. Start UPGRADE.BAT and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Copy one of the JEDEC files under the name LSI1024.JED onto the floppy disk.
  4. Shut down and switch off the PC. Switch off your Milan and open it.
  5. Remove all RAM modules and cards (ISA, PCI)
  6. Plug one end of the cable into the parallel port of the PC.
  7. The other is being connected with the programming plug in the Milan (see picture!)
  8. Cause an lasting reset by puttin a jumper onto the reset jumper plug Bild)
  9. Switch on the Milan
  10. Boot the PC from floppy disk (mabye you have to switch that in the BIOS)
  11. Follow the instructions on the screen. The software starts programming.
  12. After a little while you should see a PASS message.
  13. If it didn't come, pray ;-) (no, check everything, is the cable plugged in in the right way? etc.)
  14. If it did come everything is fine and your Milan up to date.
  15. Switch of Milan and PC. Assemble everything again.
  16. Check your Milan. If it doesn't work properly repeat the process with a different JEDEC file.
  17. In case of success: SEND THE CABLE BACK!!!
Now your Milan should run nicely. Unfortunately it is still not possible to run it with more than 25 MHz. You can try, but don't be too optimistic. For a safe operation at more than 25 MHz some special chips are needed which seem to be very hard, if at all, to find!

Liste of owners of the cable

Name state of the cable
Ingo Lafrenz disappeared!!! has someone still got it???
patjomki available

Ingo Lafrenz 2020