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Thanks to Holger Schulz and Uwe Schneider personally, who sent me all kinds of documents around the Milan, there are quite a few interesting things to download now! Have fun!

But still:
Whoever's got anything interesting, what could be ut for download here, please contact me!

File Description
Beta-TOS (ca. 290 kB) Current beta version of the TOS from 09.06.2002 (LZH)
Bootblock (ca. 25 kB) Bootblock V1.02, which is necessary for use with an 68060 CPU (ZIP)
FPU Emulation (ca. 46 kB) FPU__2M.PRG, the FPU emulation for the Milan (ZIP)
Cache Programs (ca. 4 kB) Programs to set the CPU caches (LZH)
Flash Program (ca. 21 kB) FLASH.PRG and FLASH.TOS (the latter can also read) (LZH)
Milan Setup (ca. 20 kB) The Milan Setup Program in a current version (LZH)
MilanBlaster Docs (ca. 12 kB) Docs of the XBIOS and Pure C Lib for the Soundblaster cards (LZH)
ISA-Bus-Makros (ca. 1 kB) Pure C Assembler macros to access the ISA bus of the Milan (LZH)
Milan Update (ca. 168 kB) The software package needed to update your Milan hardware. (ZIP)
Mouse CPX (ca. 3 kB) CPX to set the mouse sensitivity (LZH)
PCI-BIOS Docs (ca. 120 kB) Documentation of the PCI-BIOS. The PCI-BIOS itself can be found here (LZH)
PCI-BIOS Debugging (ca. 6 kB) Contains a program incl. sources that logs all PCI-BIOS calls. (LZH)
ROM Port (ca. 12 kB) programs needed for the ROM port emulation of the Milan (LZH)
Super-IO Doku (ca. 1 MB) Documentation of the Super-IO chip from National Semiconductors (LZH)
Printer Port (ca. 1 kB) rogram to switch off the original printer port (e.g. when it's defective) (LZH)
ispLSI/pLSI 1024 (ca. 230 kB) Documentation for the Lattice ispLSI and pLSI 1024 chip (PDF)
ispLSI 1032E (ca. 215 kB) Documentation for the Lattice ispLSI 1032E chip (PDF)
Intel 82371FB (ca. 809 kB) Documentation for the Intel 82371FB chip (PDF)
ICS 9158-01 (ca. 244 kB) Dckumentation for the ICS 9158-01 chip (PDF)
PC87307/PC873078/a> (ca. 19 kB) Differences between PC87307 and PC87308 (=Super-IO). MS-Word-Document!!! (ZIP)
PLX 9080 (ca. 883 kB) Documentation for the PLX 9080 chip (PDF)
Schematics (ca. 486 kB) Schematics of the Milan (PDF)

Ingo Lafrenz 2001