News around the Milan

I guess there won't be many news around the Milan. Milan 2 is on ice, Milan 3 doesn't exist and never will. Nevertheless, who knows, maybe here and there we'll see something new.

Well, I am still alive and kicking and the Milan update cable is back! Yay!

What a long break, but it's over and there's a lot of updates!

My Milan Update Cable has disappeared! Has anyone still got it or have I mislaid it???

Finally there's a major update again! Besides a few optical things there's some info on the 68060 upgrade. And the 'For Programmers' section has been turned into a rather big download area. You'll find all the latest tools around the Milan there such as the latest beta version of TOS or a program that logs all PCI-BIOS calls. Have fun!

There is a new section For Programmers now. There isn't really much to see yet but I hope this will change with your help!

The chip has been found! If you want to have it in your Milan contact woller for further informations!

To run the Milan with 30 MHz or more one special chip is needed:
4ACT157 SO16, small version
It is very hard to find that chip anywhere. If you know where you can get it, please let me know!

I have slightly redesigned the pages. New is an alphabetical index to help you find more quickly what you're looking for.

As you can see these pages are now available in English.
I'd really be happy about some feedback and even happier if you out there would send me some contributions to the page, may they be as little as anything. The main thing is that this page gets bigger and more helpful as it is now.

Under there's a new page with infos around the Milan. It's even available in English now!

Ingo Lafrenz 2020