TV-Karte from woller

Operating woller's TV card is actually pretty simple and uncompilcated, if your Milan meets these conditions: If that's the case installation means simply plugging in the card (any free PCI slot) and copying the software somewhere onto your harddisk (plug&play).

Actually you can view television now, but you should start Milan Setup program before and assign a free interrupt for the card. I don't know the difference, on my Milan it also works without assigning an interrupt, but it only costs a few seconds, so just do it.
There'd be no need to say much more if the tuner dialog wasn't so incredibly awkward and complicated. So here's a short description how to set up the channels:
First you start the automatic tv station search (upper arrow buttons). If it has found something name the tv station. This is in the edit field next to '√úbernehmen' button which you then press. Now comes the important bit:
Now you have to duplicate the station which you just named. You do this via drag&drop. There's a new entry with the same name. For this you just start the procedure again.
So you might wonder what's so bad about this. Well, in case you forgot to duplicate your entry and start the search. You wait until it found something, and there's the trouble: Either you take the old settings now or the new one, but one of them is lost.
Secondly, it is very anoying that you can't enter the number manually. And that number isn't very explaining, is it? A frequency in MHz would have been better. Finally the arrow buttons just have the opposite direction as one qould expect.
But most annoying is that you can't just let the automatic search do its job. You have to sit there all the time and start it off every now and again. It would be much better if the search would put everything it finds into the list and afterwards you simply delete double or obsolete stations.
Anyway, you only have to do this once, so it is not too bad, but still annoying...

FAQ about the TV card

Ingo Lafrenz 2001